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Hello friends and fellow music lovers. Thank you for supporting the Henning Taylor Project. Bret Henning and I have been writing and producing music and YouTube videos for the Henning Taylor Project since 2012. However, both of us have individually been making music for over 40+ years. Music is in our blood and souls and we see no good reason to stop writing and performing. If you choose to join our "fan club", you'll be supporting us to help cover our costs for producing and releasing new songs and videos (which does get expensive!). The cost for joining is $20 per year. What you get in return for joining the fan club is free access to songs and projects not released to the general public, updates to what we're working on, periodic videos and a free download/stream of our current release "The Dishes Song". I also produce several instrumental songs each year for film and TV scoring which you'll have access to download and/or stream at no cost. Additionally, if you provide us with your contact information, I'll periodically send updates on new material that we're working on. Who knows? I may need to ask you for lyric suggestions on a new song we're trying to complete?

We appreciate your support and can't thank you enough for listening to songs that come from our hearts.

Best to all,

David W Taylor

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Henning Taylor Project
San Diego, California
Hailing from San Diego, CA the Henning Taylor Project is a creative outlet for either solo releases from David W. Taylor or duo collaborations from David and Bret Henning. Adding to their songs is session bass guitarist and friend Scott Gribble. The style palette of HTP ranges from Punk to Pop/Grass with no "clunkers" to be found in the mix. You can't miss with the Henning Taylor Project!

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